Hey, sorry I have not posted in a while. I went to Brazil. It was Interesting. we saw jaguars and giant river otters. It was called the Jaguar Reserve. This really cool location is on a flotel, and you go out on this small boat everyday to look for animals. But one time, I had my feet in the water, and just from under it a caiman came up. I freaked out.  

That reserve is the only place in the world that they promise you, you will see a jaguar. And if you don’t see one in three nights and four days, you will get three extra nights. Cool, right? 


Funny conversation

Okay, this is a really funny conversation that happened at dinner:

me: so, Bruce Wayne popularized vampires, right?

mom and Dad: hahahahahaha

Tristan: isn’t that guy batman? 

Me: (blushing hard) oh, I mean Bruce lee, no wait… Christopher lee. Help me guys! 



Best birthday party ever! I had a great time. Well, on my birthday  was dragged to San Jose, missed a movie, got sick, took a four hour bus ride, and wondered a mall. And how was that day? Awesome! I missed a movie? big deal. I had to sit on a long bus, that I watched a movie, I got sick? From eating gummy bears. Yes, a cool day.

the birthday party: at a heated pool. It was pouring. But, it was a covered pool. We ate a ton of chocolate. But anyway, back to the pool, I had eight of my friends there… Hmmmmm… Wait, only 2 of them were girls. Oh well. So, one of my friends shoved me in the pool, and I was just in the hot tub! Brrrrrr! But I got him back with the good old “grab my hand and help me out,” 


So sorry I have not blogged in awhile, school has started, and it is pretty fun. So far I am a straight a student, but I am really worried i may get a b, that will be so depressing. Call me nerdy, I don’t care. my Spanish teacher can’t speak English, so it really has forced me to learn quite well. And on a completely irrelevant note, I built a fire place in my fort.

My friends and I have been playing dungeons and dragons, my character is a halfling thief named Vonnica Claw who has no filter between her brain and mouth. My friend is mister perfect who really bugs the heck out of me, not him, just his character. My other friends is a pretty wimpy male Dragonborn warlock who would most likely hide and cry in the corner whilmy mister perfect and I fight a dragon. It is not his fault he scored low for strength. My other friend is going to join us later. I hope he will become a healer, cause we need one.




Well, I have been trying to stay outside for 12 hours, but keep failing. But, I shall succeed. I have built a fort, find fruit trees, find water. I have all. Now, I shall stay outside for 12 hours. Or I will try. If you have kids, you should challenge them to see how long they can stay outside. It would be fun. See who wins.

D&D club

I have just thought of starting a D&D club. (For those who may not be as nerdy as me, D&D stands for Dungeons and Dragons.) well, I have a few people, but maybe I can get more. I have had fun playing it with my brother, who by the way, likes it, too. 

My fort


My fort

Sorry I have not blogged in awhile. School has just started, so I am busy and all… Anyway, I built a fort. It is wind and sort of water proof. I have put my sleeping bag in there, and lay there for hours. I evan fell asleep!
Well, we have an avocado, banana, Maria Berries, and guava tree in our yard. Oh, and lemon. So, food is no problem when my brother and I have bets on who can stay outside the longest. He built a fort, too. But it has no walls.
P.s. by the way, my friend and I have another blog called make them happy. The address is